Welcome to Nari Sanctuary

You are entering grounds which will call you deeply into yourSelf – as the return Home to true intimacy with your humanity as well as your profoundly essential nature.

Nari Sanctuary is a place on Møn. The physical location of the work of Pema Salem. A woman who is Simply breathing the reality of pure consciousness. The Sanctuary is placed on the island of Møn in South Denmark and receives guests into a setting of mutually benefitting existence, freedom and simplicity of being and living.

More than a community-place, a retreat- or teaching place, Nari Sanctuary perhaps is a mix of all of them. A Sanctuary and Home-stay of deepening and self-discovery, of un: and re:learning – the fundamentals of truly profound existence.

It is a place, where work turns into play. Where seeking turns into natural relaxation into the ground of being. Where All-Inclusive reality happens as a meeting with our deepest vulnerability, true integrity and most radical self-honesty in the nakedness of pure power, love and clarity – Our human potential on the foundation of pure innocence, surrender and humility.

Latest News

And Music is Happening…

… And in the sacred and sweet Hall in Nari… A roll-out of pure creativity is taking place. It Finally became time for Matthias and I to open the music chapter – Fully! After a ton of unpacking boxes and setting up, we finally took 

Summer Retreat 2022

What a Blessing – to take part in this First Roll-out of retreat at Nari Sanctuary. The gardens filled with tents, the double rooms and sleeping hall, backpacks, suitcases, chargers plugged in the wall, sandals by the beds… And deep exhales by the Beauty created 

Black-boned Chickens moved in

As the spring moves in us, we started embracing the remaining parts of the land here at Nari. Until now, the main focus has needed to be on renovating the houses, and as we now are well along There, we now have started to groom,