Welcome to Nari Sanctuary

Nari Sanctuary is a Treasure for and of pure Spirit. The Feminine (matter) and Masculine (consciousness) married and intwined – rooted and ever unfolding as All-containing Beauty; The Divine Mother.

This space is Made to support your weaving into Essence. To re-discover, heal and integrate your love, innocence, passion, peace and power – all into One.

Nari is a retreat-space on Møn in Denmark. A sanctuary of deepening and self-discovery – for those acknowledging the inner Call to rediscover and reinvent themselves. To return Home to True Intimacy with our humanity as well as our profoundly Essential Nature. 

Welcome to a Shower of Grace – working deeply through skin and bone, in a pure space of Truth, Essence, Presence and Care. Delighted to bring you Home to truly profound and naked existence.

Nalini Ruha, Italy

“The purity of this place make it a sanctuary for coming closer to one’s Essence – the place beyond stories we all have inside, in an atmosphere of simplicity and commitment. The morning meditations with Pema infused every day with grace and presence”. Read more…

Vajra Kantor, Czech Republic

“I realised, that the most intelligent thing to create would be a space, which would spontaneously provide the precise fulfilment needed by any individual that enters it. Nari is as close, as I’ve ever seen anything get to this ideal. Stated simply, Nari is a magical, fun and profound creation brimming with gifts – bringing Light to that which is needed”. Read more…

Will Allen, USA

“When I arrived at Nari, it was like walking into a soft and slow hug. Feeling Held, Safe and Cosy. That feeling was actually the container for deep growth. Sometimes joyful growth – full of laughs and a deep sense of freedom. Other times, skin-crawling growth and learning to contain the intense feelings I had spent years running away from”. Read more…

Marco Odino, Italy

“Nari is a unique place, where a quickening of maturation takes place on many levels and in a gentle demand for a deep honesty with oneself, in areas left unacknowledged”.
Read more…

Katie Barbaro, USA

“The space that Pema has created is a true sanctuary, welcoming everyone to expand into the fullness of themselves, without placing any pressure on the individual to do so. Internal and external movements are celebrated in this space”.
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Alina Karger, Germany

“Nari is a place to be, heal and learn about real human life. Everywhere you feel the frequency of Love and Truth. In every detail is so much beauty. Inside and out. Just being on that ground of Nari is an unforgettable experience in itself”. Read more…

  • Daily transmission in meditations with Pema
  • Projects of creating and crafting Beauty
  • Learning and using pragmatic skills
  • Days of movement & of Silence
  • Bathing in Essence – space for cultivation
  • Back to Nature – forests, beaches and cliffs
  • Learning direct Listening, True Life & Living
  • Meeting Silence, centering & re-gaining balance

            Bathing in Essence * Arriving as Presence * Learning True Care