All building and restoration at Nari takes place on Kindness and Generosity. From the funding to the carrying out of the projects there – all is held in the Hand of win-win for all parties involved. And your support is needed too.

To support with funding is possible in various ways – and not only if you have thousands to spare. Read more below.


For Nari Sanctuary to receive amounts like 50, 100 or 500 EUR is ALL valuable and all goes directly to restoration and creation of Beauty as facilities, gardens and buildings, as we make the land supporting and into a reflection of the work and teaching of Aisha Salem.

Sizeable Donations

Obviously sizeable donations get us FAR in Nari Sanctuary, as there is LOTS to do – we simply Need funding partners to rise the place. All donations go directly to the creation of the space holding the teaching of Aisha Salem. To make donations above 2500 EUR, please write to Aisha directly on e-mail –